STRESS REGULATION … What Works for You?

Neema TembeleCo-founder & Chief Operations Officer TEWWY You know that feeling…? the feeling of your insides turning, like blood is boiling as it rushes to your extremities? Chest feels like it is physically crushing the heart beneath it, vision is blurry, forehead weighing you down, an additional 10lbs. The physical experience my body is goingContinue reading “STRESS REGULATION … What Works for You?”

Social Anxiety & Psychosocial Disability

You are pretty intense. When my mentor said those words to me as I wrapped my arms around my stomach grimacing in mental agony from the overwhelming thoughts running through my head in our discussion, we didn’t have to discuss what that means to either of us, sometimes labels do serve a purpose. I feelContinue reading “Social Anxiety & Psychosocial Disability”

8 Tips to a Healthy Balanced Life

Balance: Yoga & Life Largely overlooked, balance is easily one of the most important aspects to good health. Not only in kinesthetics, as any yoga practice would strongly suggests – yin & yang, but in life. Balance is control. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy balanced life, as you continue aboutContinue reading “8 Tips to a Healthy Balanced Life”