Sayings of the Wise

The best answer to anger is silence

Marcus Aurelius
Tap Elderly Women's Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY)

Oftentimes, when we’re angry, we end up saying things we regret. Some may view silence as passive aggressiveness, which it can be, but it can also be a wise decision.

Some people who are selfish, self entitled and bullies. You know they’re not going to change. You don’t owe them an explanation if they don’t respect you. Blowing up doesn’t work because they don’t understand your perspective. People may not appreciate the silent treatment, but there’s not much they can do about it.

School Mental Health Intervention Program

The project implements WHO’s School Mental Health Program while ensuring cultural relevance and contextual factors. Collaborating with a public school, we will train students and teachers, and co-develop and disseminate psychoeducation resources among students, teachers, and surrounding communities. Students will be taught mental health literacy. The teacher training will cover child development, identifying and addressing mental health problems in a classroom, and promoting mental health. This is projected to improve academic achievement rates, create safe spaces within the school, reduce violence and juvenile crime, prevent bullying, strengthen peer support systems, and improve teacher wellness.


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