Sayings of the Wise

Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times; they can only make you stronger.

Divya Srivastav
Tap Elderly Women's Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY)

Life is a series of unexpected adventures, where we don’t know where it is going to take you with the next turn of the road. This uncertainty makes the journey enjoyable. However, in most cases, we face difficulty to overcome a situation. We sometimes think of giving up. We don’t feel like running behind something we wanted anymore. We feel like the struggle we are doing is worth nothing, and we are not worthy of getting what we want at all.

These are the times that break us in pieces. We cannot find the motivation to grow continuously. Sometimes these feelings we struggle to burry deep down our heart causes some severe depression and anxiety, and it makes our life a living hell. However, we should always remember that the time that breaks us makes us, as well. You just cannot get what you want without any struggle at all. Struggle to define our success. The hard times and the struggle we’ve been through make us what we are and what we will become in the future.

Hence, even though we may sometimes feel that life is hard, and it always chooses us to throw all the difficulties towards us, we should be thankful that these times came in our lives and made us what we are. Always be grateful to what life gave you, and one day you will eventually shape as a person you ever wanted to become. Do not give up, walk through the storm, and one day people will pay you for what you are, what these struggles have made you

School Mental Health Intervention Program

The project implements WHO’s School Mental Health Program while ensuring cultural relevance and contextual factors. Collaborating with a public school, we will train students and teachers, and co-develop and disseminate psychoeducation resources among students, teachers, and surrounding communities. Students will be taught mental health literacy. The teacher training will cover child development, identifying and addressing mental health problems in a classroom, and promoting mental health. This is projected to improve academic achievement rates, create safe spaces within the school, reduce violence and juvenile crime, prevent bullying, strengthen peer support systems, and improve teacher wellness.


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