Sayings of the Wise

When your friend is getting a shave, wet your head!

Swahili wisdom
Tap Elderly Women's Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY)

This saying serves as an alert to all human beings. It alerts us to be prepared all the time for whatever might happen to us. Like for example, if you see a neighboring country being invaded, you should prepare yourselves as a country because the same might happen to your country too. You would normally like to be prepared when the same happens to your country.

Another good example is of your neighbor’s house catching fire. You are not expected to just stand and watch, instead, you should do something to protect your own house from catching fire.

Also a good example could be that of a famine in a neighboring region/country. When you see famine in a neighboring country, you should start preparing yourself for such a situation. Under normal circumstances, people should start using economically the food reserve they have otherwise they might also be faced with the same fate.

In life, we should always be on the alert to avoid or be prepared to deal with the unforeseen tragedies/circumstances. We should always be ready to learn from each other to avoid bigger impacts.

School Mental Health Intervention Program

The project implements WHO’s School Mental Health Program while ensuring cultural relevance and contextual factors. Collaborating with a public school, we will train students and teachers, and co-develop and disseminate psychoeducation resources among students, teachers, and surrounding communities. Students will be taught mental health literacy. The teacher training will cover child development, identifying and addressing mental health problems in a classroom, and promoting mental health. This is projected to improve academic achievement rates, create safe spaces within the school, reduce violence and juvenile crime, prevent bullying, strengthen peer support systems, and improve teacher wellness.

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