Sayings of the Wise

Life is very unpredictable,
Be the best version of yourself,
Don’t hold grudges,
Be kind,
In whatever ways you can be,
Because we never know,
What is going to happen tomorrow.

Tap Elderly Women's Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY)

No one knows what the future holds. Life is simply impossible to predict. Learn to enjoy the little things; be present in the moment; good or bad, value what you have. Be the best versions of yourself. Be kind to others. Let the people who are important to you know that you care. Don’t live in the past. Live life now and embrace the beauty it offers.

The Healing Hands Project: Wisdom and Wellness through Art

The Healing Hands project will economically empower people to achieve financial autonomy by building entrepreneurial skills and embedding skills transfer within the community – eliminating poverty as a driver of ill mental health. Funds raised from the jewelry will help sustain the implementation of accessible psychosocial interventions in underserved communities and promote the economic empowerment of the grandmothers who have been trained in and are implementing WHO’s mental health Gap Action Program. Healing Hands provides interpersonal counseling, group talk therapy, and psychoeducation resources delivered through arts, where clients learn to handcraft traditional beaded jewelry as a marketable skill. . Follow us @TEWWYWisdom @WisdomWellnessCollection to stay up-to-date.

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