Sayings of the Wise

Wake up with Determination. Go to bed with Satisfaction.

Tap Elderly Women's Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY)

When we wake up in the morning we should be dermined to achieve something on that day and that particular day should have a meaning for us. Some people prepare a ‘to do list’ before they go to bed. The to do list is aimed at guiding their activities for that particular day so that the day is not wasted. So when they wake up they will be anxious to achieve what they did plan the night before. If they will follow the to do list, for sure, when they go to bed they will be satisfied with results of what they did during the day.

The Healing Hands Project: Wisdom and Wellness through Art

We are excited to launch the #HealingHands project. The project supports interpersonal counseling, group talk therapy and psychoeducation resources to be delivered through arts, where clients learn to handcraft traditional beaded jewelry as a marketable skill. It also promotes the economic growth of grandmothers who are trained in and are implementing WHO’s mental health Gap Action Program #mhGAP. Income generated from sales of the jewelry will also support the sustainable implementation of accessible psychosocial interventions among underserved communities. Follow us @TEWWYWisdom @WisdomWellnessCollection to stay posted.

#MentalHealth #Grandmother #Wisdom #Wellness #ArtTherapy


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