STRESS REGULATION … What Works for You?

Neema Tembele
Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer TEWWY

You know that feeling…? the feeling of your insides turning, like blood is boiling as it rushes to your extremities? Chest feels like it is physically crushing the heart beneath it, vision is blurry, forehead weighing you down, an additional 10lbs.

The physical experience my body is going through as I type these words is all too familiar now. Sometimes I have it handled great …. some deep focused breathing to help ground me, get me back to center. But as I’m struggling to find my center – try to take control of my breathing, reminding myself that I know what is happening, and I know why its happening …but the ringing in my head is not subsiding.

Feeling anxious for an extended period of time isn’t fun … it really helped catch a very deep breath by checking off some tasks on my daily planner where I set some very attainable goals – and I can promise if I hadn’t written it down to check it off, I might have allowed my anxiety to take control of my life again. To allow myself to go through the whole day without feeling accomplished.

I use Trello to manage my projects and to manage my time. if you haven’t used a project management tool, I strongly advise you look into it. Highly increases efficiency – and apparently manages anxiety as well.

And writing, having this space to share this … thank you for this very deep breath I just took. Until then …

Published by Wisdom&Wellness

MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS Tap Elderly Women’s Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY) is a mental health stakeholder in Tanzania bridging the intergenerational- and mental health treatment-gap by training retired elderly women in adapting WHO’s mental health Gap Action Program (mhGAP). The grandmotherly figures called Wisdom&Wellness Counselors provide accessible mental health services, support and resources in their underserved communities. Wisdom&Wellness Meditation Garden is a wellness center in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area empowering people with simple self-care practices for holistic health and well-being. We teach yoga; organize nature adventures in local parks; facilitate Wisdom&Wellness Talks, a safe-space for people to share wisdom, connect, gain life-skills as they build community; and the Wisdom&Wellness Collection, our handcrafted line of natural skincare & aromatherapy products. 50% of our Wisdom&Wellness Meditation Garden’s revenue supports the mental health initiatives of our nonprofit partner in Tanzania, TEWWY If you would like to be a part of our Wisdom&Wellness Community, let’s connect.

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