STRESS REGULATION … What Works for You?

Neema TembeleCo-founder & Chief Operations Officer TEWWY You know that feeling…? the feeling of your insides turning, like blood is boiling as it rushes to your extremities? Chest feels like it is physically crushing the heart beneath it, vision is blurry, forehead weighing you down, an additional 10lbs. The physical experience my body is goingContinue reading “STRESS REGULATION … What Works for You?”


Rustica TembeleFounder & CEO – TEWWY One should appreciate and value what he/she has no matter how small it is, because that is what belongs to her/him, it is rightfully hers/his and it is worth all that you do not have. What you do not have is worthless and meaningless/useless for you because it isContinue reading “A BIRD IN HAND IS WORTH TEN IN THE BUSH”

The Loiterer Feasts on His Feet

Suzan NjanaWisdom&Wellness Counselor Kizani, Dar-es-Salaam Mtembezi Hula Miguu Yake Swahili Wisdom He who prefers going out for aimless walks, always unsettled and lazy – doesn’t perform income generating activities to get daily bread for himself and family, won’t have anything to feed themselves. Such lazy people are zero earners and are nicknamed as such asContinue reading “The Loiterer Feasts on His Feet”