There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

Susan Njana

Wisdom&Wellness Counselor – Kigamboni

In my native tongue – Kinyamwezi, the saying goes “Wa Matama Abili Akapyaga“. The analogy we always referred to when I was a young girl was “When eating we use both cheeks to rotate food in the mouth – to create comfort and avoid burning when eating hotter food.”

This wisdom is meant to encourage a person not to despair in problems because there are alternative means to a solution. For instance, by seeking advice from elders.

We, the Wisdom&Wellness Counselors are here to walk with you in your life’s journey.

In Swahili:
Binadamu tunatumia mashavu mawili wakati wa kula chakula – ni vigumu kuungua maana utakipeleka upande wa pili wa shavu ili usiungue
. Ukipata shida katika maisha usikate tamaa mapema sababu zipo njia mbalimbali za kukusaidia shida yako
. Usitegemee njia moja kutaua matatizo yako
. Vumilia katika shida hali ukitafuta mbinu zingine za kumaliza shida yako

Published by Ney

MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE & YOGA INSTRUCTOR I'm Ney, from Tanzania, currently living and teaching Yoga in the DMV - Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. I'm also the Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer of a nonprofit in Tanzania called Tap Elderly Women’s Wisdom for Youth - TEWWY. I started practicing Yoga to manage my debilitating anxiety; and it has since transcended to fuel my passion for Social Justice. TEWWY, a mental health stakeholder in TZ, facilitates psychosocial interventions by bridging the intergenerational gap through training elderly retired women in Interpersonal Counseling. The grandmotherly Wisdom&Wellness Counselors (WWCs) provide mental health services, support and resources to their underserved communities. The WWCs facilitate Wisdom&Wellness Circles, safe-spaces for people to share & care beyond what meets the eye as they build community. I teach Yoga as a radical tool in creating just and sustainable communities through the promotion of mental health & wellness. As we integrate the practice of Yoga in TEWWYs Mental Health Intervention Programs, we are building communities that are well equipped to adapt to change and cope with adversity. If you would like to be a part of our Wisdom&Wellness Community, let’s connect below.

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