Social Anxiety & Psychosocial Disability

You are pretty intense. When my mentor said those words to me as I wrapped my arms around my stomach grimacing in mental agony from the overwhelming thoughts running through my head in our discussion, we didn’t have to discuss what that means to either of us, sometimes labels do serve a purpose.

I feel a lot. Which means I can also get very overwhelmed. This happens more often than I’m happy to be aware of now. I find it difficult to be in social situations I can’t control. Not because I’m afraid of judgement from others, truth be told, I never finish judging myself to get to that phase.

I know better. I should have done better. Why is it not 💯? If I did not give it my very best, why bother show up at all?⬅️ Very dangerous. Even though I know this, I still struggle with this EVERYDAY.

I would like to show up in a BIG WAY. For myself & for my community. Even with this little-big hurdle, I know there’s space for everybody in there, and that I’m not alone. Clearly not purely altruistic, but also to help give voice to others out there trying to find their place. We all want to belong. The beauty of humans is that we are so different but SIMPLY the same.

We are pleased to start virtually hosting Wisdom&Wellness Talks – safe-space for all to share what matters to them, because YOU MATTER. When COVID-safe, we shall continue facilitating Wisdom&Wellness Circles 👉🏽 in-person safe-spaces facilitated by trained retired elderly women in interpersonal psychotherapy counseling.

Click on the button above to join the talks 👆🏽


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